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Fukuoka Ranks Number 12 in MONOCLE

2013-06-24 revised

In the 2013 edition of a global affairs magazine MONOCLE, Fukuoka remains Number 12 in “World’s Top 25 Most Livable Cities”. Also making the list are two other Japanese Cities-Tokyo (No.4) and Kyoto (No.13). Furthermore, within these 25 cities, eight metropolitan regions of the “International Regions Benchmarking Consortium”, a group of ten member cities and three observer cities, have made the list with Fukuoka and second-ranked Melbourne.
(Previous rankings 2012-12th, 2011-16th, 2010-14th, 2009-16th, 2008-17th)

Article Overview
Fukuoka # 12:
Unlike Japan’s large cities, Fukuoka City, which is located in the top left corner of the Kyusyu, may not seem very important. However, as a compact city, Fukuoka is attracting a lot of attention.

With many green open spaces, Fukuoka offers relaxing urban life to its 1.5 million residents. Since Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul are about the same distance from Fukuoka, the city is an ideal location for companies wishing to expand their business to Asian market.
In addition to that, Fukuoka is blessed with natural beauty of mountains, sea and clean air while it boasts lively art scene as well as impressive food culture.
Attracted by this favorable environment, many world -class high-tech companies established their research institutes in Fukuoka.

2013’s Ranking of the “Top 25 Most Livable Cities in the World”
*( ) 2012’s ranking
1. Copenhagen(3)    14.Paris(14)
2. Melbourne(6)★   15.Singapore(15)★
3. Helsinki(2)★      16. Hamburg(16)
4. Tokyo(7)         17.Honolulu(17)
5. Vienna(4)        18.Madrid(20)
6. Zurich(1)         19. Vancouver(19)★
7. Stockholm(10)★   20.Berlin(18)
8. Munich(5)★     21. Barcelona(21)★
9. Sydney(8)        22. Amsterdam(NEW)
10.Oakland(9)       23. Portland(22)
11. Hong Kong(13)   24. San Francisco(23)
12. Fukuoka(12)★     25. Dusseldorf(NEW)
13. Kyoto(11)
★Member of the International Regions Benchmarking Consortium
(Singapore is an observer city)
※Reference: MONOCLE Magazine (English)


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