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More about the business environment

Increased business opportunities because this is Fukuoka City!

Blessed with the advantage of being located closer to continental Asia than any other city in Japan, Fukuoka has developed through exchange with Asia over the past 2000 years.
With its convenient accessibility by land, sky, and sea as the gateway to Asia, it could be called the ideal location for those thinking of expanding into Asia.

  • Brochure of Invitation to Establish Businesses in Fukuoka City

    Brochure of "Invitation to Establish Businesses in Fukuoka City"

    You can download the brochure of "Invitation to Establish Businesses in Fukuoka City" that contains various information about Fukuoka City, including its advantages and business environment.

  • Quality of life

    The Startup City

    With the announcement of "the Startup City - Fukuoka", we are currently promoting the establishment of the global Startup City by calling for ambitious individuals and businesses both in and out of Japan. The Startup City is backed by various supportive organizations, business moguls, incubator services, subsidy programs, and market-expansion assistance providers as well.

  • About the Fukuoka Offices

    About the Fukuoka Offices

    Office rental information for seven areas of Fukuoka City


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