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For those of business outside of Japan

Cost simulation

Any move into Fukuoka City will entail a range of basic expenses such as office rent and establishing a company. This page provides some rough guidelines for estimating how much it might cost.
The following table is designed for use by foreigners here on an Investor/Business Manager visa, opening a branch office, or corporation in Fukuoka.

Representative costs Branch office of foreign corporation Corporation
1. Preparatory expenses Depends on specific content Depends on specific content
2. Temporary office 30,000 30,000
3. Opening an office 1,160,000 1,160,000
4. Establishing a company 451,300 603,300
5. Short-term residency visa 9,200 9,200
6. Residency status (visa) 12,910 12,910
7. Prepare and register company seal 63,900 63,900

(JP Yen)

In addition to the above, you will also require transportation expenses for your local personnel, costs of acquiring housing and local employees, and capital (if you are establishing a corporation).


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