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Introduction to the Fukuoka City Foreign Company / Investment Promotion Center

In accordance with the basic policy on establishing and operating a contact point for information and support for direct inward investment (Japan Investment Council, May 23, 2003), a centralized office dealing with inquires on administrative procedures about the locations of foreign companies has been established in Fukuoka and is located on the 14th floor of the Fukuoka City Hall Central Government Building in the Business-Start-up & Investment Promotion Section of the Business Startup & Investment Promotion Department within the Economy, Visitor/Tourism & Culture Bureau.

Fukuoka City Foreign Investment Promotion center

The International Economic Department offers support not only in Japanese but in Chinese and English as well.
Please consult us if you're thinking of doing business in Fukuoka City!

TEL: +81-92-711-4343
Address:1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Providing Individualized Support for Inquiries from Foreign Companies

Our department collects and provides information that corporations considering starting up in Fukuoka City will need.

Placement of Corporate Investment Consultants

We place development consultants capable of speaking Chinese and English with foreign companies in order to support those corporations' start-ups in Fukuoka City. These consultants provide the professional support necessary at each step of the process, from the preliminary provision of information to the establishment of the corporation and commencement of its business, as well as in cases where the potential start-up company encounters difficulties.

Incorporation Procedure and Residency Status Acquisition Support

The International Economic Department provides foreign companies with necessary information and introduces them to experts (such as judicial clerks and administrative lawyers) who are familiar with related laws and practical procedures.

Introduction of Related Organizations and Groups

Our department also introduces local economic organizations (such as chambers of commerce and industry) and industry groups.

Support in Procurement of Office and Residence

The International Economic Department can introduce municipal facilities and real estate brokers in Fukuoka City, or provide support in procedures necessary for completing lease agreements.

Points of Contact

International Economic Department,
Economic Promotion Bureau, Fukuoka City Hall
Cordinator for Inward Foreign Direct Investment
Ms. Lu Li


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