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About this Site

This is the digest version of the Operating Terms for the Asia-biz Fukuoka. The full text applies to the website of the Asia-biz Fukuoka and provided services.

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Agreement to terms

Organizations and system users agree to the terms of the Operating Terms for the Asia-biz Fukuoka ("Terms"), and to observe them in browsing and using this system.

Site outline

  • This system is operated by Fukuoka City. Content is managed by the International Economic Department, Economic Promotion Bureau.
  • This system provides information on the investment environment, living environment and procedures for corporate investment, as related to Fukuoka City, for foreign corporations. It is also designed to assist in networking Fukuoka and Kyushu firms interested in Asia business with foreign corporations.

Copyright noticeDetails

  • All copyright to the Asia-biz Fukuoka belongs to Fukuoka City.
  • Use of any text, imagery, data or other content from this site, except as provided under copyright law, in whole or in part, without the authorization of the copyright holder is forbidden.


In the event of dispute between site users, or between site users and third parties, concerning information provided through this system, users are obligated to resolve the issue at their own expense and responsibility.
Fukuoka City can accept no responsibility for the following items.

  • 1. Damages suffered due to delays, interruption or cessation of information provision.
  • 2. Assurance that information provided by this system is accurate and/or useful.
  • 3. Disputes between users.
  • 4. Damages suffered as a result of personal information on linked sites, or the application of data collection terms.


  • 1. In principle linking to this site is uncontrolled, but we urge you to observe the following points.
  • 2. Please link only to the top page. Links to specific graphics are forbidden.
  • 3. Links from sites which contain content condemning or disparaging this site or which could damage its reputation are forbidden.
  • 4. Links from sites which are related to illegal activity, contain content in appropriate from the viewpoint of public morals, or which could contain such material, are forbidden.
  • 5. Please notify the site operator of any links created.
  • 6. A link banner is available. The site name in text format is "Asia-biz Fukuoka".
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