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Business support

1.I want to revise my registered information, or prevent it from being disclosed to the public (for registered business support companies and individuals).

You cannot change this information from this site. Use the Inquiry form to request these changes.


2.I want to change the E-mail address for the E-zine.

Go to "edit your account" to change your email address.

3.Is member registration required to subscribe to the E-zine?

The E-zine is only available to registered members. It is impossible to subscribe to the E-zine without member registration.


4.What language should I use?

We only accept inquiries in English and Japanese.

Others (Recommended Operating Environment, etc.)

5.The website is not displayed correctly.

We recommend that you view the website in the following operating environment. However, we cannot guarantee the operation of this website even when the recommended browser is used. Please be aware that the website may not be viewable due to the personalized settings of and/or problems with the computer and/or browser you are using.
[Recommended Browser]
Equivalent or newer versions of: Windows Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape7.0, Opera7, FireFox2.0, or Safari 2.0.1
[About Character Size]
The size of characters on this website can be changed by changing your browser's settings to your preferred size. However, please be aware that the layout may be broken up.


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